As is usual in the translation world, I work according to the mother tongue principle. That means I only translate professionally into my native language, Dutch. Moreover, I continue to live and work in The Netherlands, so my knowledge of the Dutch language is always current.

Since 2010, I’ve been working as a professional German-Dutch translator. During this time I have gained experience translating different types of text. That includes:
• Technical
• Automotive
• Basic medical
• Manuals
• General content

But my translation work is not limited to those specific areas. Before I take any translation project I always check if the content is within my knowledge base.

While translating, I use what are known as CAT tools (CAT is an acronym for computer-assisted translation). Using this translation software, I can save my translations to a translation memory. During the translation process, the programme checks whether the source text contains sentences or phrases that have already been translated before, and which are, therefore, stored in the translation memory.

This work method ensures consistency of terminology and style in the translations I provide.

I work with the following CAT tools:
• Trados Studio 2014
• Transit NXT



Dutch is not a simple language, with all its rules and exceptions to those rules. In addition to translating, I also love to be engaged in text editing, of course, only in my native language, Dutch. In this editing work, I pay particular attention to spelling and grammar errors, as well as style.